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Top 10 Hotels In Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

    One of the most famous islands of the Andaman, Havelock Island(Swaraj Dweep) is the most visited of all. The scenic beauty and the breathtaking landscape will make you feel that you are on the top of the world. Radhanagar beach which is considered to be one of the best beaches in India is at Havelock. On a perfect sunny day at the beach, you can enjoy the crashing waves at the shore, build sand castles and witness the best beach vacation of your life. The water is clear and the sand is soft along with the natural beauty all around you. We have listed some of the best luxury hotels/resorts here in this list for you along with some mid budget hotels. Check these out and make an informed choice.

    Best Luxury Hotels in Havelock Island

    #1 Taj Exotica:

    The Chain of Taj Hotel entered Andaman with this top luxury resort occupying 46 acres of land at the Radhanagar beach, the wonderful beach for which a trip to Havelock should be planned for sure. Inspired by the living style of the Jarwa tribe(native race) the resort manages to keep you close to the nature by allowing you to rest over the Andaman Padauk trees. Moreover the naturalness of the area still exists in order for you to have an actual jungle livelihood experience. Welcoming you with all the basic amenities of a hotel and Wi-Fi services in the lobby, it will help you enjoy the lovely atmosphere created by sounds of native birds. A lot of fun activities are organised for children. The recreational centre provides for natural fruit-picking sessions, jungle treks, beach picnics, trained scuba diving and shell craft lessons. The huge villa rooms can altogether enhance your experience. Moreover the luxurious restaurants and the spa do complete justice to your stay here. The accommodation prices begin with Rs 32,000 per night and the overall service is of the top most quality.

    #2 Barefoot Resort:

    This is one of the first and best luxury resorts serving island-inspired villas, cottages and tents which have been designed to provide you with enough and best of all the facilities. Situated in the lush green forest area at the Radhanagar beach, a stay at this resort can help you gather mental peace while keeping you close to nature. The resort wants you access to a whole bunch of activities including treks, various water adventure sports and dinner settings. The restaurant serves you with fresh groceries grown on their own farms. The accommodation prices begin with Rs.12,000 per night. Visiting the Havelock Island is usually for the attraction of the Radhanagar beach and staying in this resort will keep you close to this beautiful beach for the whole time of your visit here.

    #3 Munjoh Ocean Resort:

    This beautiful luxury resort is one of the best fives and is a top choice for honeymoon couples as it prepares you for an exclusive package and dinners which can add on to your experiences with your life partner in the best way possible. The location of this resort on a private beach adds on to the whole beauty of it. Moreover at Munjoh you can try various activities that can help you explore this island rich with pristine beauty. The various types of rooms like royal chalet with a pool, garden cottages, pool suite, ocean suite, luxury villa and beach room are available so check them out and make a choice that fits your interests the best. A perfect destination for dream come true weddings, Munjoh works to give you and your guests the best of moments and the purest of vibe to take the vows. The perfect restaurants and spa treatment makes it a completely perfect choice. Moreover this chain has opened a hotel in Port Blair too.

    #4 SeaShell Resort:

    Giving excellent views of the shining waters and tall coconut trees, SeaShell is one of the top beach side resorts. It is run by a local chain of luxury boutique hotels and resorts across Havelock and Neil islands too. It can be a perfect choice for honeymoon couples and families. Swimming pools with a Jacuzzi, Spa, Scuba diving centres along with others are some highlighted features. Giving you a variety of options to choose from like villas, cottages, chalets, lagoons and also bungalows with well facilitated basic amenities you can spend your days feeling beautiful with the surroundings. With a number of activities to choose from ,SeaShell welcomes you to try new things while connecting you to the pure essence of the natural beauty.

    #5 Silver Sand Beach Resort:

    Sided by sand beach as the name suggests, this hotel can be the one that honeymoon couples are looking for. Surrounded by jungle and mangrove forests the atmosphere helps you disconnect from the noise of metropolitan cities. All sorts of varieties in the aspect of accommodation are provided with perfect hospitality services.

    Mid-Budget Resorts/Hotels

    #6 Coral Reef Resort:

    One of the top beach resorts at Havelock, Coral Reef as the name suggests is a resort that has its architecture built around the coral reef theme. Welcoming you with the best of services to provide, a stay at this resort will keep your eyes focused on the beautiful views and landscape all the time. The kind of rooms  available range from deluxe,standard rooms to suites. The restaurant is sure to win your heart with the best of savouries along with pool activities, a cafe, conference hall,a spa and a fitness centre. The resort takes up special honeymoon bookings along with special occassions’ bookings too. To keep your vacation colourful, the resort helps you take advantage of activities like cycle rides, scuba diving and other outdoor games.

    #7 Sandyy Wavess Beach Resort:

    One of the top resorts at Havelock, Sandyy Wavess could be the perfect choice for a family vacation as well as for honeymoon couples. Built with utmost elegance and care this resort offers standard and superior rooms along with detached and semi-detached villas. The architectural style followed ,dates back to the time of the Chola dynasty. Assured services and the best family value are some of the key highlights for this resort.

    #8 Symphony Palms Beach Resort:

    Recently opened at the Govindnagar beach, Symphony Palms Beach resort is one of the greatest examples of those resorts that bring you closer to the beautiful nature. Providing you with all the best class facilities a stay at this resort can be the highlight of your Havelock trip. The cottages and villages are built in an aesthetic way and your experience here would be enriching to your soul as you will get to live literally in the lap of nature. The restaurant here will serve you the best seafood including crabs and lobsters with the fishes caught by the local fishermen here.

    #9 Havelock Island Beach Resort:

    Located at the Govindnagar beach near the Havelock harbour, this resort gives you beautiful beach views and scenic beauty to explore.The rooms are structured as cottages to make your stay more natural here. The multi-cuisine restaurant has a variety of delicious dishes to serve along with a coffee shop to make your evenings even more pretty. The resort offers family packages and honeymoon packages. To include all of the water adventure sports in your trip exclusive adventure packages are also set.

    #10 Haywizz Havelock Island Resort:

    Economical for your pocket, this resort can be a smart choice since it is located both near the beach and the harbour. The staff serves the guests to provide them assistance with almost everything in order to make them feel comforted. Serving you with all the basic amenities , the resort has a restaurant, a DJ bar, spa and rooms with pool side views. Bicycle rides are arranged along with other kids/family friendly activities.

    #11 Jalakara:

    Offering you with standard rooms, private villas and suites, this small boutique villa property helps you decide the kind of luxury choice you want to make. The unique architectural style is sure to help you enjoy this place with a homely environment. Offering you the pool bar party vibes along with private space to make a cup of coffee, the range is pretty wide. The Wi-FI services and television isn’t provided as the hotel aims and it isn’t highly marketed as aims at making you enjoy the age-old natural way of life free from internet activities. The bike and scooter rides across the island can truly fulfil your wish to explore.

    #12 Dolphin Resort:

    It is a government controlled resort that is good for your pocket without cutting down to your peaceful experience. The beach at the periphery and rooms structured in cottages add on to the whole deserted island atmosphere. Walk down the beach anytime and feel the sand. In terms of services the overall performance is average.

    #13 The Flying Elephant Resort:

    Welcoming you to stay in the cottages and bungalows which look out to the lush green forest at Havelock, rice paddy fields and scenic beauty, this resort is one of the best in terms of the ambience. Situated in a village named Kalapathar ,this resort is away from the crowded tourist area and hence you can get a chance to spend a very private vacation here.With the Azure sea located near it you can feel the sand, dive into the warm tropical waters,leave your footprints and spot some crabs and birds. Since it is in the village area, the stay will be marked by a local vibe of the island. Jungle treks and scuba diving are some of the fun water activities that can be set for you via this resort. Serving with almost all the facilities, a dinner at the open air restaurant can end your day on a high note.

    #14 The Wild Orchid Resort:

    This resort aims at providing you relaxation, luxury , adventure and solitude at the same time. The fun activities along with the best of delicacies served by the restaurant ,your stay here will be worthy of your time. The cottages are decorated and built by local tradesmen and architects with shells, bamboo and canes and the staff serves you with all the amenities with care.

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