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Best Beaches in Neil Island

    Bharatpur Beach at Neil Island

    Now called Shaheed Dweep

    This small island has a lot in store for you. The village vibe which prevails here makes you feel at home, the home of nature. There are a lot of beaches to visit on Neil island and here is a list of some that should be on your go to list for sure.

    #1 Lakshmanpur Beach

    The key feature of this beach is the site of fallen trees which get washed away with time. The lush green forests, white shiny sand and the clear turquoise waters are surely going to make you feel blessed. You can swim here both during high tides and low tides but you need to be careful of corals and underlying small rocks. Snorkeling is the adventure sport here which makes you look at the colorful fishes and the corals inside. If your stars are rightly aligned you might spot a dugong (sea cow) feeding on the sea grass. It is also known as the sunset point as the view that gets created everyday here is just breathtaking. The patterns of clouds trying to tell a story with the sun sinking down and reflecting its yellow light on the shining waters, a peaceful glance can help you feel peace setting in your mind. It is usually crowded in the evening because of the sunset but usually it is a less crowded beach and you can have it all by yourself.–JWnqFw0y/

    #2 Sitapur Beach

    This beach is located at the tip of the island and is around 5 kms away from the market. It is popularly known as the sunrise beach because your mornings can be picture perfect here. It has two curved bays and is very well suited for a quick swim. It is accustomed to witnessing high tides and strong currents owing to its location but it is safe for swimming at all times. The white sand exposed to the scorching sun often also receives the shade from the palm trees. You can also walk along during the low tide and see the small caves. It isn’t a very crowded beach and hence not much of the facilities are available. Well you can still enjoy coconut water by the side of this amazing beach. There is a resort nearby in case you run out of supplies or feel hungry.

    #3 Bharatpur Beach

    This is one of the most crowded beaches at Neil island. It is located just half a kilometre away from the jetty. Known for its picturesque beauty the white sand and clear blue waters are enough to welcome you for a swim. Since the water is shallow even non-swimmers can enjoy a lot here. But usually during the low tide, you’ll have to walk over 500 m of corals so that you reach the deep waters. It is known for the water sports here like snorkeling and glass boat rides because the corals are nicely visible here along with many fishes. There are a lot of beach shops for food, souvenirs and other snacks and drinks. You can enjoy this crowded beach by walking away for a while and you can have some alone time under the shade of the trees. Sadly the whole of the beach is littered with plastic bags and glasses and you should be careful if you are enjoying the touch of sand barefoot.

    #4 Ramnagar Beach

    This is one of those beaches where it is difficult to swim due to the presence of sharp corals. Located in the Ramnagar village itself and is accessible through the Blue sea restaurant and the path across the Deep sea resort on the main road. The beautiful elements of the beach including the clear waters, yellow sand and the shade of the trees you can spend some alone time here relaxing or reading a book. It is known for snorkeling because the coral visibility is quite clear here and the S shaped reef is beautiful to look at. You can swim a little deeper to find the best points to watch the live corals. It is advised that only experienced swimmers should go in as sometimes the waves get huge and the current becomes strong. This beach isn’t crowded as compared to others and hence you can have a private beach vacation here in peace at this deserted land. Moreover the sunsets are pretty to look at and to let the happiness of this place set in.

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