13 Best Andaman Beaches

Andaman & Nicobar Islands possess hands down the best beaches in the India. Beaches here are as good as the ones in South East Asia & Maldives expect, just lesser known and relatively undiscovered.

The beautiful islands of Andaman are most visited because of the magnificent beaches here. If you are planning a beach trip and haven’t been to this heaven, then you should definitely book tickets to Andaman. Since these islands are located away from the Indian Subcontinent in the middle of the sea, the natural beauty of these islands is just so refreshing. The beaches are obviously going to be the highlights of your trip here. Most of the beaches are famous for amazing water sports while many are perfect destinations to witness a sunset amidst the scenic beauty. Building sand castles, swimming in the refreshing water, sunbathing and having a beach-side picnic at beaches in Andaman can be the best ever experience of your life. We have sorted a list of the visit worthy beaches here so that you can set your schedules accordingly.

Popular Beaches in Andamans

When we say popular beaches, we just mean the ones on the popular islands of Andamans – Port Blair, Havelock & Neil Island.

#1 Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Rating: 10/10

Best Time to Visit: Early Mornings & Evenings Sunsets. Though many tour packages will recommend afternoons there, it can get super hot!

Facilities: Car/Bike Parkings, Changing Rooms, Toilet, Small Food Stalls, High-End Resorts like Barefoot & Taj Exotica for restaurant & bar options.

One of the best beaches in Asia, Radhanagar is the highlight of your visit to Havelock Island. It is considered to be the best beach in India. With the shining silky sand this beach has the clearest water and hence it is not only the best in Havelock but the best beach of Andaman islands as a whole. It was titled as the 7th best in the world by the Times magazine. The lush green forests at the backside with the uncontrolled wind and turquoise blue water rushing as waves and drenching the silky smooth sand every time, everything at this beach is going to make you fall in love with it. The whole atmosphere created with the sound of waves forming and then crashing at the sea-shore with birds chirping and wind blowing, this beach with pristine beauty can actually restore your mental peace and can help you connect with yourself. Walking for about 10 minutes along the beach you’ll reach a place named Neil’s Cove which is a beautiful lagoon and not people know about this spot. It actually offers the best of scenic backgrounds and hence is a great stop for photography.

Overall Radhanagar beach is on the bucket list for a lot of people and your trip to the Andaman islands gets escalated because of the fun you can have at this beach. Your plans of swimming and sun-bathing can get really exciting here. Moreover this beach lets you witness breathtaking sunsets. With the natural lights dimming by evening and the tides rising, you can enjoy the view wherein the setting sun paints the turquoise water all red and shiny yellow and hear birds chirping while going back home. The overall scenario fits in so well that you’ll feel blessed and you might be the happiest person on the earth ever. The best time to visit it is in the afternoon wherein you can bathe in and enjoy the sunset. As we said that this is the best time, the beach is crowded then. We would recommend you to visit the beach during the mornings because it is quieter then. However visiting this beach at any time of the day is still going to bring a smile on your face. Even the sunrise is pretty beautiful here. Since you will be enjoying here for the beachside vacation there are a lot of changing rooms and toilets accommodated at the beach. Locker rooms are also provided so that you can leave your stuff in trusted hands and enjoy your time there without any worries. There are a lot of at-beach resorts at Radhanagar and you can enjoy a luxury stay there. Moreover the long swathes of sand and unending blue waters with forests behind, Radhanagar is a picturesque location.

#2 Jolly Buoy, Port Blair

Rating: 8/10

As the name indicates, this beach is sure to make you feel happy with the shining sand and the clear blue waters set in a pristine background. It is one of the 15 islands in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park and is one of the two which are open for tourists to visit. The overall picture of sand and blue waters is painted with brightly coloured corals and hence some water activities are available here. Glass boat rides are the best for people to explore and view the marine life below them with putting in the minimum of effort. Moreover if you are more of an adventurous person , snorkeling can be your choice as exploring marine life directly is another beautiful experience to cherish for life. You can build sandcastles or enjoy the waves wetting your feet with the refreshing water setting your mind at peace. It gives more of a private beach feeling as a minimum number of tourists are allowed.

#3 Chidiyatapu Beach (Munda Pahad Beach), Port Blair

Rating: 7/10

This serene beach which is located at the Emerald islands 25 kms away from Port Blair is one such beach which can help you connect with nature closely. The mangrove cover along with the breathtaking sunsets, it is often referred to as the Sunset point and is one of the must visit tourist spots. It is not recommended for swimming as it has a rocky bed. Just visit this beach well before the time when the sun is about to set. Enjoy the wind and the scenario till the magic of the sunset sets in gradually. It has been restructured for the visitors and your adventurous thirst can be fulfilled if you take a 1.5 km trek amongst the dense forest towards the tip of the South Andaman. The trek is going to feel worthy of its efforts when at the end you’ll overlook the never-ending stretch of water and the kind of happiness and peace you’ll feel will make you speechless.

#4 Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Rating: 7/10

This beach is situated at one of the corners of Havelock Island and as the name suggests there are a lot of tough balck rocks situated at the shore and in the sea along with white shining sand and clear blue waters. It is a beach which is visited by most of the tourists coming to Havelock but you can walk along for distances to reach points where it will be just you and the calming vibe in this breathtaking beautiful setting. There is a small lodging path through the green jungle where earlier an elephant training camp existed. Now it is a completely left alone beach with deep waters and no change in tides. Swimming can be an option here but you just need to be careful with the corals and rocks in the sea. There are small picnic areas around and some umbrellas and chairs for you to sit and witness the art of nature. During the peak season locals sell fresh coconut and mango juices which can refresh you on a bright sunny day.

#5 Lakshmanpur Beach, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Rating: 7/10

The key feature of this beach is the site of fallen trees which get washed away with time. The lush green forests, white shiny sand and the clear turquoise waters are surely going to make you feel blessed. You can swim here both during high tides and low tides but you need to be careful of corals and underlying small rocks. Snorkeling is the adventure sport here which makes you look at the colourful fishes and the corals inside. If your stars are rightly aligned you might spot a dugong (sea cow) feeding on the sea grass. It is also known as the sunset point as the view that gets created everyday here is just breathtaking. The patterns of clouds trying to tell a story with the sun sinking down and reflecting its yellow light on the shining waters, a peaceful glance can help you feel peace setting in your mind. It is usually crowded in the evening because of the sunset but usually it is a less crowded beach and you can have it all by yourself.

#6 Sitapur Beach, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Rating: 5/10

This beach is located at the tip of the island and is around 5 kms away from the market. It is popularly known as the sunrise beach because your mornings can be picture perfect here. It has two curved bays and is very well suited for a quick swim. It is accustomed to witnessing high tides and strong currents owing to its location but it is safe for swimming at all times. The white sand exposed to the scorching sun often also receives the shade from the palm trees. You can also walk along during the low tide and see the small caves. It isn’t a very crowded beach and hence not much of the facilities are available. Well you can still enjoy coconut water by the side of this amazing beach. There is a resort nearby in case you run out of supplies or feel hungry.

#7 Corbyns Cove Beach, Port Blair

Rating: 4/10

Being closest to the city center that is just 8 kms away, Corbyns Cove beach is the busiest one in Port Blair. It is probably the first beach that people visit when they come here. The ride up to this place is just another beautiful experience as you get a breathtaking visual treat that can keep you smiling throughout. A perfect view of the Marina Park with the blue waters lining the entire route is beautiful to look at. The amazing white sand and blue waters with the lush green area makes you feel happy by just being there. To add on to the fun, various water sports including jet ski and motor scooter you can enjoy a ride in the sea. Moreover this beach is perfect for you to have evening snacks from the sea facing restaurant here. So just enjoy the magnificent view in front of you with the people around whom you love. There are clean and well maintained toilets and changing rooms but swimming isn’t suggested here.

#8 North Bay Beach, Port Blair

Rating: 5/10

Just a 45 minutes ride away from the Aberdeen jetty at Port Blair, North bay island could be a choice for a tourist in a hurry. The island has the lighthouse which is featured on the reverse side of the 20 Rs. note of the Indian currency. Enjoying the trek towards this lighthouse, your hard work will pay off when you’ll stand at a magnificent height overlooking the unending blue waters with the Ross island and Port Blair skylines. It is best known for the water sports like glass boat rides, sea walking, snorkeling and scuba diving because the tides are low here and the marine life including corals is visible at its best. Restaurants and eateries are available at the island while you can still carry some snacks to munch on because a trip to this island will involve half of your day.

More Beaches in Andamans

  • Elephant Beach, Havelock Island
  • Vijay Nagar Beach, Havelock Island
  • Red Skin Island, off Port Blair
  • Rutland Island, off Port Blair
  • Cinque Island, off Port Blair

Lesser Known Beaches of Andaman

#9 Ross and Smith Island, Diglipur

Rating: 9/10

The best place to visit in the North Andaman is for sure these two majestic twin islands which are connected by a fifty meter long sand bar. Sounds amazing, right? This really pretty silky sand bar disappears at the time of high tides and then reappears during the low tide. On one side of this amazing bar are the shallow waters for swimming while on the other side you can try snorkeling to witness the inner beauty of the sea. The beach isn’t crowded usually and hence you can enjoy a private experience with the magical nature and small islands around you. You can also opt for nature trail hiking in these islands and tropical forests. It has changing rooms, toilets and spacious bamboo huts. Much of the facilities aren’t provided because the purpose of your visit is to witness this self-created masterpiece of nature.

#10 Kalipur Beach, Diglipur

Rating: 8/10

This beach is not known to many but it is one of the few beaches in the world where four species of turtles- Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green turtles come to nest their eggs. Located behind the calm and secluded village of Kalipur, this beach is worth visiting. SInce the area is rich in providing shelter to these eggs, the government has opened a hatchery here. You can spot the turtles laying eggs at night or watch the baby turtles being released in the sea during the morning if you are lucky enough to be there at these times. The beach’s beauty is marked by the volcanic grey sand and clear waters. You can spend some quality time here swimming and snorkeling but sunbathing isn’t advised as there are sand flies which can trouble you. The beach looks sad and deserted when the tide is low and corals keep rushing towards the shore. The mangrove trees add on to the whole vibe here. Jellyfish can be spotted in large numbers while rumours of saltwater crocodiles roaming about are spread but none has been spotted so far. Another island named Craggy island is located 20 minutes swim away from Kalipur beach. Altogether the reefs 200 m north of the Kalipur beach and the reefs at craggy island are worth watching as they still have colourful fishes and other sea creatures that are appealing to the eye. People can swim here and enjoy the sport of snorkeling but only under perfect guidance of the staff and with the professional equipment. For better experiences time your visits according to the tide timings here.

#11 Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island

Rating: 10/10

A perfect beach with long swathes of white sand and turquoise blue waters rushing the shore coupled with coconut and palm trees and fantastic marine life is what Lalaji bay beach is all about. Reaching this area after a 2 hour long foot trek through the jungle, your experience here would be worthy of your efforts. Swimming and snorkeling with other adventure sports could be a beautiful rescue from usual lives for an adventure freak. Another way to reach here is via a boat but that can be expensive and is unpredictable because those services can be shut if the weather is bad or due to some government regulations. There is a forest rest house near Lalaji Bay beach with bathrooms,a restaurant,changing rooms, benches and tables provided. Well it is suggested that you carry your own water and snacks as not much of the facilities are available here. The beach is purely left like this so that you can have an amazing experience at this deserted island.

#12 Butler Bay Beach, Little Andaman

Rating: 10/10

The highlight for this beach is that it is one of the best surfing spots in India. People come from all over the world to have the best of their time here surfing across the magnificent waves. This island with yellow stretches of beach sand and clear blue waters is a beautiful scene in itself. Since the waves formed here are actually very high due to high tides, only people good at swimming should dive into the water. This is because it is easy to get flushed away while swimming in a sea with such strong currents. Snorkeling is suggested at the other side where the tide is low however sunbathing wouldn’t be a good option here due to the presence of sand flies. Elephant rides are also provided by the local people here while you can also trek in the forests if you feel like enjoying the adventurous vibe without involving the water and related sports.

#13 Aamkunj Beach, Rangat, Middle Andaman Islands

Rating: 8/10

Located 8 kms away from Rangat this is the closest beach in the vicinity. It is lesser known because it is not that a perfect beach but is still good enough for you to dive in the clear waters for a swim. Marked by grey pebbles lining the shore this beach has its own beauty. Since it is a deserted beach you can walk along and spot secluded spots and enjoy a private experience. Swimming is suggested during both high and low tides but one should be careful with the small rocks and pebbles. Snorkeling can be avoided here as there are many other better spots in Andaman. It is a very popular picnic spot for the locals in Rangat and other neighbouring villages. The beach is maintained in an eco-friendly manner by building everything out of natural materials. Big wooden trash wins, changing rooms, sofas made out of logs and huge wooden benches are made of trees which had been lying there and hence no tree was cut intentionally to build these. There are no facilities available so do carry your food and water if you wish to spend a lot of your time here.

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