Top 5 Beaches in Havelock Island

One of the most famous islands of the Andaman, Havelock is a reservoir of the best of beaches and the best of breathtaking views. The nature sets in the perfect island vibe in here and Havelock is there on the bucket list for every visitor/tourist. The jetty rides are also very pretty in order to reach this heaven on earth. Even the majority of resorts and hotels are structured in sync with the island vibe and your stay here can be the most beautiful. Here is a list of beaches that are there in Havelock and we have made it easier for you to analyse where you would want to spend your quality time.

#1 Radhanagar Beach

One of the best beaches in Asia, Radhanagar is the highlight of your visit to Havelock Island. It is considered to be the best beach in India. With the shining silky sand this beach has the clearest water and hence it is not only the best in Havelock but the best beach of Andaman islands as a whole. It was titled as the 7th best in the world by the Times magazine. The lush green forests at the backside with the uncontrolled wind and turquoise blue water rushing as waves and drenching the silky smooth sand every time, everything at this beach is going to make you fall in love with it. The whole atmosphere created with the sound of waves forming and then crashing at the sea-shore with birds chirping and wind blowing, this beach with pristine beauty can actually restore your mental peace and can help you connect with yourself. Walking for about 10 minutes along the beach you’ll reach a place named Neil’s Cove which is a beautiful lagoon and not people know about this spot. It actually offers the best of scenic backgrounds and hence is a great stop for photography. Overall Radhanagar beach is on the bucket list for a lot of people and your trip to the Andaman islands gets escalated because of the fun you can have at this beach. Your plans of swimming and sun-bathing can get really exciting here. Moreover this beach lets you witness breathtaking sunsets. With the natural lights dimming by evening and the tides rising, you can enjoy the view wherein the setting sun paints the turquoise water all red and shiny yellow and hear birds chirping while going back home. The overall scenario fits in so well that you’ll feel blessed and you might be the happiest person on the earth ever. The best time to visit it is in the afternoon wherein you can bathe in and enjoy the sunset. As we said that this is the best time, the beach is crowded then. We would recommend you to visit the beach during the mornings because it is quieter then. However visiting this beach at any time of the day is still going to bring a smile on your face. Even the sunrise is pretty beautiful here. Since you will be enjoying here for the beach-side vacation there are a lot of changing rooms and toilets accommodated at the beach. Locker rooms are also provided so that you can leave your stuff in trusted hands and enjoy your time there without any worries. There are a lot of at-beach resorts at Radhanagar and you can enjoy a luxury stay there. Moreover the long swathes of sand and unending blue waters with forests behind, Radhanagar is a picturesque location.

#2 Neils Cove

Just about a 10 minutes of walking down the Radhanagar beach you will spot Neils Cove. This beach here is known for its clear fresh waters and beautiful views. Snorkeling can be pretty much fun here but saltwater crocodiles have been spotted here so it is better to be careful with this adventure sport at Neils Cove.

#3 Kalapathar Beach

This beach is situated at one of the corners of Havelock Island and as the name suggests there are a lot of tough balck rocks situated at the shore and in the sea along with white shining sand and clear blue waters. It is a beach which is visited by most of the tourists coming to Havelock but you can walk along for distances to reach points where it will be just you and the calming vibe in this breathtaking beautiful setting. There is a small lodging path through the green jungle where earlier an elephant training camp existed. Now it is a completely left alone beach with deep waters and no change in tides. Swimming can be an option here but you just need to be careful with the corals and rocks in the sea. There are small picnic areas around and some umbrellas and chairs for you to sit and witness the art of nature. During the peak season locals sell fresh coconut and mango juices which can refresh you on a bright sunny day.

#4 Elephant Beach

It is one of the beautiful beaches in Havelock which gives a picturesque view along with clear water and white sand aligned perfectly. There are a lot of old trees of which leaves sway in the wind. The add on beauty element here is the view of the fallen trees on the sand. Only a fraction of this beach was retained after the 2004 tsunami which swept most of its part away. However this is a perfect spot for snorkeling as the corals are clearly visible at the shallow distances near the shoreline. This place usually gets crowded because of activities like snorkeling and sea walking. But you can always enjoy and have a personal experience here. In the peak season local coconut drinks and juices are available. Apart from this no other facilities are provided.

#5 Vijaynagar Beach

This is one of those beaches in Havelock which has a very long coastline and hence majority of resorts are situated along with that coastline. The luxury experience that you can feel is the instance of you waking up and spotting the beach waves in front of your eyes from the balcony of your cottage. You can roam about the coastline at any time because the access is so easy. A casual walk along this beach after dinner in your resort can be the most beautiful and magical experience ever. The beach is usually crowded with tourists swimming or sunbathing because they stay in the resorts located right there. The beach is also lined by coconut trees and you can just find a stop to finish your book or take a nap in the lap of nature. This beach isn’t rocky even during the low tide and hence can be the rescue when you don’t have anything to do. This experience of living by the beach is the highlight for a visit to Havelock island.

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