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Top 7 Beaches in Port Blair

    Wandoor Beach at Port Blair

    The capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, Port Blair is usually the first to explore on your checklist. Beautiful spots and parks are included in the tourist attractions but we have a list of some visit worthy beaches in Port Blair which you can visit before you go on your voyage to other islands.

    #1 Chidyatapu (Munda Pahad Beach):

    This serene beach which is located at the Emerald islands 25 kms away from Port Blair is one such beach which can help you connect with nature closely. The mangrove cover along with the breathtaking sunsets, it is often referred to as the Sunset point and is one of the must visit tourist spots. It is not recommended for swimming as it has a rocky bed. Just visit this beach well before the time when the sun is about to set. Enjoy the wind and the scenario till the magic of the sunset sets in gradually. It has been restructured for the visitors and your adventurous thirst can be fulfilled if you take a 1.5 km trek through the dense forest towards the tip of the South Andaman. The trek is going to feel worthy of its efforts when at the end you’ll overlook the never-ending stretch of water and the kind of happiness and peace you’ll feel will make you speechless.

    #2 Wandoor Beach:

    One of the famous beaches in Port Blair, Wandoor is located 25 kms east of Port Blair. It is a well known tourist and even locals keep visiting the beach. The beach has swathes of shining white sand and the clear waters rushing the shore making it ideal for swimming and viewing corals. The dried up trees make for the beautiful picture perfect scenery. It has well equipped changing rooms and constructed benches. The look of the beach created due to the uprooting of the trees when the island got hit by the tsunami in 2006 is just another form of beauty created by nature itself. Another highlight at this beach is the amazing trek to the caves that have been built here decades ago by the rage of high tides at this beach. If you are a person who loves to take up adventurous challenges then this trek should be on your go to list. The best time to take this trek is during the mornings because the tides are low at that time and you can easily return back by evening. This picture perfect beach gives you the experience which you’ll cherish forever along with the excitement that the cave visit will fill in your body.

    #3 Jolly Buoy:

    As the name indicates, this beach is sure to make you feel happy with the shining sand and the clear blue waters set in a pristine background. It is one of the 15 islands in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park and is one of the two which are open for tourists to visit. The overall picture of sand and blue waters is painted with brightly coloured corals and hence some water activities are available here. Glass boat rides are the best for people to explore and view the marine life below them with putting in the minimum of effort. Moreover if you are more of an adventurous person , snorkeling can be your choice as exploring marine life directly is another beautiful experience to cherish for life. You can build sandcastles or enjoy the waves wetting your feet with the refreshing water setting your mind at peace. It gives more of a private beach feeling as a minimum number of tourists are allowed.

    #4 Red Skin Beach:

    In order to reach this island all you need to do is to take a ride till the Wandoor jetty followed by a ferry ride that brings you to this island. Moreover each journey will be marked by scenic beauty around you including the mangrove trees. The Red skin beach is famous for its overall appeal as the white and sand clear waters make you want to take a swim in here. Moreover the corals are clearly visible here merely at a depth of about 3-4 metres. This island isn’t open to tourists all the year round in order to protect the live corals here. But the Jolly Buoy island is open for sure when this one’s closed. You won’t miss out on the fun. It is advisable to carry your own food and snacks because not much of facilities are provided at the Red Skin island.

    #5 Corbyns Cove beach:

    Being closest to the city center that is just 8 kms away, Corbyns Cove beach is the busiest one in Port Blair. It is probably the first beach that people visit when they come here. The ride up to this place is just another beautiful experience as you get a breathtaking visual treat that can keep you smiling throughout. A perfect view of the Marina Park with the blue waters lining the entire route is beautiful to look at. The amazing white sand and blue waters with the lush green area makes you feel happy by just being there. To add on to the fun, various water sports including jet ski and motor scooter you can enjoy a ride in the sea. Moreover this beach is perfect for you to have evening snacks from the sea facing restaurant here. So just enjoy the magnificent view in front of you with the people around whom you love. There are clean and well maintained toilets and changing rooms but swimming isn’t suggested here.

    #6 North Bay Beach:

    Just a 45 minutes ride from the Aberdeen jetty at Port Blair, North bay island could be a choice for a tourist in a hurry. The island has the lighthouse which is featured on the reverse side of the 20 Rs. note of the Indian currency. Enjoying the trek towards this lighthouse, your hard work will pay off when you’ll stand at a magnificent height overlooking the unending blue waters with the Ross island and Port Blair skylines. It is best known for the water sports like glass boat rides, sea walking, snorkeling and scuba diving because the tides are low here and the marine life including corals is visible at its best. Restaurants and eateries are available at the island while you can still carry some snacks to munch on because a trip to this island will involve half of your day.

    #7 Collinpur Beach:

    This beach in Port Blair isn’t very well known and hence if you plan to go there, you can have this beach by yourself. Usually honeymoon couples are advised to visit this beach because its isolated location adds on to the charm that these islands hold. In Port Blair, it is Corbyns Cove which is usually crowded and hence you can enjoy a private beach vacation here. The white sand and shallow blue waters are just ideal for a swim and you can actually spend the whole day here which ends with an ecstatic sunset here. Some water activities have also been started here but the natural vibe of this calm beach still persists and you can actually feel close to the nature with heavy vegetation and pal grove trees around you.

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